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What is EASYCALC™?

EASYCALC™ is a reliable cable section calculation program. It is a free-of-charge tool designed for the professional: electricians, installers, engineers, etc. with which you easily calculate the section of a cable length.

“ Correct cable sizing is essential for the safe functioning of an electrical installation. Using EASYCALC ™ you take everything into account. ”

EASYCALC™ in 4 simple steps

Correct cable calculation takes into account the correction factors applicable for the installation. And so does EASYCALC™. In 4 simple steps, EASYCALC ™ requests the basic information and applies the relevant correction factors.

  1. Fill in the basic electrical data: amperage or power in kVA or kilowatts, cable length, voltage type - 230 or 400 Volt, DC or AC and the number of phases.
  2. Choose the desired cable type from the list and select the construction: indicate whether you need an earthing and/or neutral conductor.
  3. Choose the installation method: above ground or underground, in bundle or loose, ambient temperature etc.
  4. View the result and print it out to save with your files.

As an installer it’s sometimes difficult to gather data on the entire environmental factors of an installation. For example, you don’t always know the exact cosine φ or ambient temperature. In that case EASYCALC™ uses the default values from the standards. With each result, EASYCALC™ also recapitulates what values it has used to calculate. This allows you to test a few variants and thus also keep a clear trace of your section determination afterwards.

The result of the calculation is the theoretical section that can carry the requested current without risk of overloading (overheating) of the cable itself. In addition, the legislation must be applied, which may stipulate stricter conditions for protective devices, for example.

Take a look:

Straight to the tool:

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So EASYCALC™ also calculates fire resistant cables?

Absolutely! For this we follow the Wiedemann-Franz method, which is generally accepted as a rule of good workmanship and takes the compartmentation into account. Simply enter the length of the longest part of the cable that may be exposed to the fire and EASYCALC™ does the rest.

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Where can I find EASYCALC™?

EASYCALC™ is freely accessible on our website under the Tools & resources section and in the Nexans APP.

Is EASYCALC™ free-of-charge?

Yep! We like to make things easy for you. EASYCALC™ is freely accessible on our website and in our Nexans APP.

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