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User-friendly solutions that save time and money

Always looking for ways to work more efficiently and thus improve your competitive position? Then you are at the right place with Nexans. We innovate continuously in order to develop user-friendly products and solutions that really meet the needs of installers. Nexans has solutions to help you work efficiently at every stage of your job.

After all, working efficiently is not just something you do during the installation phase; transport and storage can also make you lose time... or gain time!
Discover our innovations. They will make your life easier.

Easy to transport and unwind

With MOBIWAY MOB you can transport your drums easily and unwind them quickly and conveniently. Moreover, the system is compact and reusable. MOBIWAY MOB by Nexans exists for most used XVB Cca and XGB Cca sections and is the handy solution for whom a 100m ring is too little and a 500m drum too much.

Flexible multipurpose cables

LINEAX HIGH PERFORMANCE are unrivalled, multipurpose flexible H07RN-F rubber cables. Thanks to their exceptional durability and flexibility, they are the ideal solution for very diverse applications. LINEAX HP rubber cables are completely at ease on civil engineering sites, in industrial environments, in ports, during markets or events and even in cold and freezer storage chambers!

Halogen-free and UV-resistant

The winning combination for indoor and outdoor use: ALSECURE XGB Cca and ALSECURE H07Z1-R Cca

Easy Stripping to save time

Installing cables and stripping cables go hand in hand. Sometimes hundreds of times a day. And it goes without saying this has to be done without you wasting valuable time on cables that are difficult to dismantle. We’re constantly innovating to make our cables better and better, even the halogen-free cables. With ALSECURE® XGB Cca by Nexans you can be sure of a real EASY STRIPPABLE cable.

Easy unwinding reduces waste

Coils of 100 meters have the tendency to twist into knots, causing you to lose time trying to straighten your cable. What to do? Spend time untangling it or throw it away? Whatever you choose, you are losing money. Discover the handy Nbox: cable and unwinding system in one that reduces your cable waste.

Clear packagings

The VOBbox has the same colour as the H07V-U wire in it. Designed to be recognisable from afar in the store, in your van and on site. This way, you always immediately pick the right box. Moreover, that box is super strong and water resistant.

Robust rubber cables for heavy situations

TITANEX® flexible rubber cables have been known for decades to meet the most diverse requirements thanks to exceptional mechanical properties. TITANEX® cables are resistant to intensive use, extreme temperatures and most chemicals without sacrificing ease of use.

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