Nbox makes your work easier

Reduce your cable waste with this handy cable and unwinding system in one and work more accurately thanks to the decreasing metric marking.

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Nbox benefits with each step of your work

The handy Nbox by Nexans makes working with cables simpler, easier and more profitable! Nbox is XVB Cca or XGB Cca cable in a sturdy, water-resistant cardboard box. Cable and unwinding system in one.

You save time

the cable comes straight out of the box; it doesn’t twist into a corkscrew. And the cable stays neatly coiled up, right to the end - always. Inextricable knots and tangles are a thing of the past.

You save money

Coils of 100 meters have the tendency to twist into knots, causing you to lose time trying to straighten your cable. What to do? Spend time untangling it or throw it away? Whatever you choose, you are losing money. The handy Nbox prevents these corkscrews and reduces your cable waste.

You work accurately

thanks to the countdown metric marking on the cable, you see exactly how much cable you’ve used for a job and what cable length is left. No more unpleasant surprises with cable lengths that only show themselves to be too short during cable pulling. You work more profitably and with fewer residual lengths.

Resistant to all site conditions

Nbox consists of sturdy, moisture-resistant cardboard. Nbox is made to really help: repeatedly picking it up and putting it down, cutting pieces of cable and putting it back in the van and again at the next job. Nbox handles all this.

Easy to carry

thanks to the two handles.

Easy to store

in your van or warehouse thanks to the practical and compact design.

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Using the Nbox is really simple
  • Place the Nbox with ‘TOP’ up
  • Push in the orange cover of the Nbox
  • Rotate the drum until the cable end is visible
  • Pull up the required cable length from the Nbox
  • The remaining number of metres can be read on the cable and can be noted on the Nbox.
To the datasheet
“ This Nexans bestseller is ideal for smaller jobs or when you only occasionally need to use cable. ”

Nbox range combining time savings and convenience

Nbox by Nexans is available in the 4 most common XVB Cca and XGB Cca sections and is ideal for a quick job or if you only occasionally use cable.

Nbox XVB Cca

  • Nbox XVB Cca 3G1.5 mm² - 140 metres
  • Nbox XVB Cca 3G2.5 mm² - 120 metres
  • Nbox XVB Cca 5G1.5 mm² - 100 metres
  • Nbox XVB Cca 5G2.5 mm² - 80 metres

Nbox XGB Cca

  • Nbox XGB Cca 3G1.5 mm² - 140 metres
  • Nbox XGB Cca 3G2.5 mm² - 120 metres
  • Nbox XGB Cca 5G1.5 mm² - 100 metres
  • Nbox XGB Cca 5G2.5 mm² - 80 metres

Take me to the datasheet:

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