MOBIWAY™ : Click, lock & roll !

Convenient and easy to use, the Nexans MOBIWAY™ system makes it easy to transport and handle your drums for a stress-free installation. What's best, the system is reusable!

With MOBIWAY™  by Nexans you easily transport your drums and unwinding runs smoothly allowing you to continue to work conveniently and quickly. Furthermore, the MOBIWAY™ system is compact and reusable.

MOBIWAY™ by Nexans is available for the most used XVB Cca and XGB Cca sections and is the handy solution for those for whom a 100m ring contains too little and a 500m drum too much cable.


Watch the MOBIWAY™ live demo

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Benefits of MOBIWAY™

  • Easily transportable by 1 or 2 people and easy to move the drum.

  • Multifunctional flanges combine transport and unwinding: flip the handle upwards to transport, downwards to easily unwind the drum.

  • Strong and stable: rubber anti-slip pads and perfect grip on the ground.

  • Light but sturdy flanges you use and reuse
    Nexans offers a 3-year warranty on MOBIWAY™ flanges.

  • The drum is 100% recyclable
    The drum is made of recycled plastic and can be recycled again.

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Using MOBIWAY™ is really simple

Click the MOBIWAY™ flanges onto the MOBIWAY™ drum.

Lock the flanges into place. You're all set to go!

Flip the handles upwards for easy carrying - alone or with 2 of you, depending on the weight.

Put the drum down and flip the handles down to the standing position.

Easily unwind the cable.

Empty drum? Simply unlock the MOBIWAY™ flanges and reuse them on a new MOBIWAY™ drum.


A complete MOBIWAY™ system consists of:

1__ Cable on a MOBIWAY­™ drum

  • Thanks to convenient new lengths of 150, 200 or 300 m according to the cable section, you'll have fewer leftovers
  • Easy to move thanks to the integrated handle
  • Easy to store as the drums are stackable
  • 100% recyclable



2__set of 2 snap-on MOBIWAY™ flanges

  • Carrying function: easy to carry by 1 or 2 people according to the weight
  • Unwinding function: easy to position in the direction of the pulling
  • 3 years warranty on the flanges

All products of the MOBIWAY™ family

The MOBIWAY™ system by Nexans is available for the most commonly used XVB Cca and XGB Cca sections and is the handy solution for those for whom a 100m coil is too little and a 500m drum is too much.

MOBIWAY™ system


Consult the ALSECURE XGB Cca range available with the MOBIWAY™ system:

  • MOBIWAY XGB 3G1.5 mm² - 300m
  • MOBIWAY XGB 3G2.5 mm² - 200m
  • MOBIWAY XGB 5G1.5 mm² - 200m
  • MOBIWAY XGB 5G2.5 mm² - 150m


Consult the XVB Cca range available with the MOBIWAY™ system:

  • MOBIWAY XVB 3G1.5 mm² - 300m
  • MOBIWAY XVB 3G2.5 mm² - 200m
  • MOBIWAY XVB 5G1.5 mm² - 200m
  • MOBIWAY XVB 5G2.5 mm² - 150m


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