ALSECURE XGB Easy Strippable

In no time!

See for yourself

Stripping in no time

When you must connect numerous ends of XGB, you want to be able to work quickly and efficiently and certainly not to lose time with difficult-to-remove sheathing. We properly understand that at Nexans. We continued to develop the XGB Cca until we found the solution. The result is ALSECURE XGB Cca Easy Strippable.

Stripping has never been easier:

  • Cut into the sheath at the desired length (and that can be 60 cm or even 100 cm)
  • Give a small kink on the cut
  • Remove the cable sheath over the entire length in just a jiffy
  • Ready!

Too good to be true? No, it is not! Just look:

This video is available in Dutch and French only

Work efficiently and save time with ALSECURE XGB Cca Easy Strippable

  • You save time
    With one simple cut in the sheath, you can remove the sheath from the conductors in one single smooth movement over a length of up to 100 cm. You can immediately go on to the next step in the installation.
  • You work safely
    You don't have to repeatedly cut the sheathing to get it loose, which means you don't risk cutting into the insulation, which is downright dangerous.
  • And you don’t get any surprises during inspection
    Using ALSECURE XGB Cca Easy Strippable by Nexans you can be sure of the correct Cca-s1, d2, a1 fire performance.

More halogen-free cables needed due to evolving legislation

The use of halogen-free XGB is becoming mandatory in an increasing number of applications:

  • When the new Article 104 of the AREI/RGIE came into force in October 2013, halogen-free cables became mandatory in areas of which the evacuation options are categorised as BD2, BD3 or BD4 in the risk analysis.
  • The Revised AREI/RGIE, which entered into force on June 1, 2020, extends the mandatory use of halogen-free cables even further. From now on, the evacuation routes in buildings, areas open to the public (min. 50 people) and tunnels must also be cabled with halogen-free cables. And if the risk analysis also shows that other areas are difficult to evacuate, these must also be equipped with halogen-free cables.

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