The network distribution system is facing continuing complexification driven by the exponential rise in connections for distributed renewable energy production. This system will be further challenged by the foreseeable increase in delocalized high consumers with the on-going electrification of the automotive fleet. The addition of these variable loads on the once predictable grid system presents a new challenge for grid managers worldwide and calls for smarter networks.

However, with the vast diversity of installed assets and the growing variety of newly available equipment, ensuring interoperability and consistency of a smart measurement and control network will often prove to be burdensome. As a distribution system operator, your objective is to be able to navigate through the complexity and make the proper choices that will ensure a reliable and easy to maintain system in the long term. All this while ensuring cost efficient solutions today that will remain in tune with the opportunities offered by technological improvements in the future.


What you can expect from Nexans as a partner:

• A comprehensive range of quality smart accessories

• Technical innovation that fits with the smart grid industry

• Straightforward and robust accessories that can perform in all network conditions

• Adaptable solutions that meet all application requirements and interoperability needs

• Easy assembly and installation, low failure rate, and exceptional durability

• Worldwide presence and expertise ensuring steady supply for your international projects

Rather than just providing stand-alone accessories, Nexans smart grid solutions can help you conceive a smart and evolutive system, fully tested and certified with major measurement transformers providers to be fully interoperable and compatible.When we develop new solutions, we test all components under live conditions to ensure compatibility and durability as an entire system.

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