Innovation: halogen free VOB wire with F2 characteristics

The Article 104 of the RGIE/AREI has significally expanded the number of cases in which fire retardant (F2) and/or halogen-free wires and cables must be used.

More fire retardant applications (F2)

For the wiring and cabling of fixed domestic and industrial installations, merely flame retardant F1 wires and cables may only be used in one single case:

  • the area presents a negligible fire hazard, this means the space is categorised as BE1 and CA1 and CB1 (external influencing factors according to Article 101 of the RGIE/AREI)
  • AND the wire or cable is installed individually.

In all other cases, for example in an area with negligible fire hazard but with a bunched installation, or in an area with particular fire hazard (BE2 or BE3 or CA2 or CB2), F2 is required. Note that this also applies to the green/yellow earth wire (the standard H07V-U with single core and H07V-R with stranded core)!

More halogen-free applications (SA, SD)

In spaces categorized as BD2, BD3 or BD4 according to Article 101 of the RGIE/AREI (the external influencing factors), fixed domestic and industrial installations must be executed with halogen free wires and cables.H07V-U/R_200px

To meet these stricter requirements, Nexans has developed a halogen-free installation wire with F2 characteristic:

ALSECURE H07Z1-U/R type 2 wires look like the standard VOB (H07V-U/R) and have exactly the same electrical characteristics, but they offer a much better fire behavior with lower fire hazard due to their halogen-free and F2 characteristics.

Consult all technical information in the datasheet.

ALSECURE H07Z1-U/R type 2 is...  
  • halogen free: SA  and SD according to NBN C30-004
  • fire retardant: F2 according to NBN C30-004
  • the ideal alternative for standard installation wires in fixed domestic and industrial installations.