Logo Formelec Vormelek-Formelec asbl shall pay the employer which belongs to PCS 149.01 (RSZ prefix 067 or 0467) a subsidy for each worker who follows a training certified by Vormelek-Formelec.

The subsidy amounts to € 15.5 per worker for each hour of training, This amount will be automatically deducted from your bonus credit.

How to benefit from the subsidy?

  1. Make your request 3 days before the training at the latest. To do so, go to the website: www.vormelek-formelec.be

  2. Enter the certification number of Vormelek-Formelec.
    Caution : different number depending on the training
Sessions Initiation training Refresher course training
French  C2010/9960/F  C2010/10019/F
Dutch C2010/9960/N C2010/10019/N

The training modules certified by Vormelek-Formelec fall within paid educational leave.

For more details, contact Vormelek-Formelec:

Vormelek-Formelec asbl
Avenue de Marly 15
1120 Bruxelles
T 02 476 16 76 – F 02 476 17 76