Burkina Faso: a health care center electrified by Codegaz

The purpose of this project, supported by our Foundation and conducted by the NGO Codegaz, was to equip the Health Care and Social Welfare Center (CSPS, including a maternity ward) of Tiogo Mossi with a photovoltaic power system, as this village located 10 km away from Koudougou is not connected to any power grid.

Burkina Faso: a health care center electrified by CodegazUntil then, care could only be provided by candlelight after 6 pm.

The Tiogo Mossi Center handles monthly about 1,000 patients, 90 malnourished children, 40 prenatal visits and 15 deliveries (including 70% at night). Before this project was carried out by Codegaz, the only light sources were battery-powered torches and candles. Often staff members and patients had to use their own torches.

A local, Ouagadougou-based company, Africa Energy Solaire (AES), was selected by Codegaz to implement the photovoltaic system. The system is now fully operational, supervised by an EDF electrician — member of Codegaz — and allowing efficient lighting of the Center as well as cold storage of medication. A first an audit will be conducted in parallel with a satisfaction survey of committee members in charge of managing the system.

With the technical support of Codegaz, these managers can access basic procedures to maintain the system. Their duties also include collecting and saving the money required to cover operating costs.

Burkina Faso: a health care center electrified by Codegaz

Inauguration of the Health Center

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