Thicker outer sheath for EXVB Eca

Impact of the amended construction standard NBN HD 603:2007/A1:2016 on EXVB Eca

In addition to the changes made to the EXVB Eca for the purpose of the CPR with its new classification of fire reaction according to EN 50575:2014/A1:2016, the cable has undergone another major change.
This change has been included in its amended construction standard NBN HD 603:2007/A1:2016, which came into force in October 2016.

EXVB_200pxThe change concerns the thickness of the outer sheath: in its former version, the standard prescribed an average (nominal) thickness. These values have become the minimal thickness. This means that - on average - the outer sheath contains 10% more material.

In order to be compliant, cables produced since October 2016 must fully comply with the amended version of the construction standard, NBN HD 603:2007/A1:2016.
It goes without saying that Nexans fully complies and applies all changes in the construction standard in its EXVB Eca.