Halogen free Alsecure XGB added to the Nbox range

The halogen free cable Alsecure XGB Easy Strippable by Nexans is well reknowned for its easy strippability.

Enjoy_Nbox+XGBThe four most common types of Alsecure XGB Easy Strippable are now also available in the convenient Nbox:

  • Nbox XGB 3G1,5 - 140 meter
  • Nbox XGB 3G2,5 - 120 meter
  • Nbox XGB 5G1,5 - 100 meter
  • Nbox XGB 5G2,5 -    80 meter

Thanks to the Nbox, Nexans' smart and practical unwinding system with meter indication, you work quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Combining Nbox with Alsecure XGB Easy Strippable allows you to save even more time!

Ask for Nbox XGB at your wholesaler's!