Introduction to Nexans EcoCalculator

Nexans' EcoCalculator calculates the most advantageous, greenest and safest solution

The EcoCalculator is a user-friendly tool, allowing you to make an economic and environmental evaluation.The results and benefits of each cable alternative proposed by the EcoCalculator will be presented according to 3 criteria, so you can make the right choice for your project!
Save energy  Energy savings: the EcoCalculator calculates how much energy can be saved with the proposed cable solution in KWh and in euros over the life span of the cable.Savings will be calculated in kg equivalent CO2.
Save CO2 CO2 savings: Nexans EcoCalculator will calculate the savings in CO2 emissions you will make with the proposed solution.
Protect life Protect Life: when available, the Nexans EcoCalculator will offer you a halogen free alternative. In case of fire, low fire hazard cables ensure a safe escape of people and facilitate the work of rescue teams thanks to low smoke and limited hazardous gas emissions.