CIGRE 2004 : Nexans presents new High Voltage Accessories

Paris, August 30, 2004 - Nexans, as a leader of High Voltage Cables and Accessories, announces its participation to the CIGRE 2004 (International Council on Large Electric Systems) which will take place from August 30 to September 3, in Paris (Palais des Congrès - Booth 53, Hall Passy, Level 1). During this exhibition, Nexans will present two of its new High Voltage accessories.

New High Voltage accessories : Design and advantages
Nexans has extended its manufacturing programme to a dry type GIS Sealing end type DTF for the voltage levels of 123kV, 145kV And 170kV and for the connection of synthetic insulated cables (XLPE) to gas insulated switchgear (GIS). The concept allows to close the GIS before introduction of the power cable : GIS manufacturers can then perform tests on GIS before the installation of the power transmission line. With an adaptor, this sealing end fits onto installations according to IEC 60859 part 1 standard.
The fluid free design is another advantage of this sealing end and makes the  termination maintenance free and environmentally friendly.

Nexans will also present the premoulded cold-shrink joint type CMP for High Voltage cables with synthetic insulation 72.5 kV. This product has been completely developed by Nexans. The joint is made of a premoulded elastomeric body with embedded geometrical field control. This accessory presents key advantages for installers. Actually, during the installation, the joint body can be easily positioned on the prepared cable insulation, by hand and without any special tool or source of heating. Moreover, the outer joint protection can be adapted to the client’s requirements.

The new products presented by Nexans during the CIGRE underline the dynamism of the Group in Research & Development. In 2003, Nexans invested more than 47 million euros in R&D and employed 450 researchers, engineers and technicians. This strong involvement enhances the Group’s status as leader in cables and accessories (product quality, economic processes and respect for environment) and also prepares the markets of tomorrow.
Nexans’s Papers during the conferences
In addition to the presentation of the new products, Nexans’s experts will participate to the conferences organized during the CIGRE :
- Tuesday 31/08 (D1-308) : Ivan de Schrijver (Belgium)
«  Ultrasonic for quality assessment of HV joints »
- Tuesday 31/08 (D1-402) : Jean Becker (Belgium)
«  Diagnostic tool for condition bases maintenance of electrical apparatus »
- Wednesday 01/09 (B2-312) : Thierry Capelle (Belgium)
«  Limiting windstorm effects on tower by a low drag conductor »
- Friday 3/09 (B1-306) : Georg Balog et Gunnar Evenset (Norway)
«  Power transmission over long distances with cables »
- Friday 3/09 (B1-109) : Pierre Mirebeau (France)
« Entirely synthetic terminations for very high voltage cables »

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