Nexans launches Alsecure Premium

Nexans presents at ECL 2012 the first cable ever with a fire resistance of two hours: the Alsecure® Premium. Combined with optimized fire behaviour and increased ease of installation, the unique Alsecure® Premium ensures maximum safety and proves itself a loyal partner for the rescue teams and installers alike.

Alsecure Premium

Brussels, September 18th, 2012 - Nexans, worldwide expert in the cable industry, is expanding its broad range of fire safety cables with the Alsecure® Premium, which - thanks to its innovative INFIT™ technology – is the only one on the market to offer a fire resistance of two hours. This brand new product is put on show at ECL, the largest trade fair in Belgium for electrical, lighting, automation and building security, which will take place on 20 and 21 September in Brussels.

"The general relevance of this solution for superior fire resistance is obvious: in a fire it is literally vital that cables do not fail under extreme temperatures, in order to assure the fire safety installations (eg emergency lighting, sprinklers, extractor hoods, etc.) and other vital systems remain operational, " said Pascal Place, Marketing Manager at Nexans. "This offers precious time for emergency evacuation and fire fighting, and consequently more lives can be saved."

Like the other fire resistant cables from Nexans, Alsecure® Premium is also halogen-free and fire retardant (HFFR), allowing to reduce gas, smoke and fire formation to a minimum. This increases the visibility during evacuations, reduces the risk of suffocation by toxic gases - which is the biggest cause of death in a fire - and facilitates the work of fire-fighters. The damage to equipment and infrastructure by acidic gases is also limited.

Rf 2h ... at last!
Since 1979, hospitals are legally obliged equip themselves with cables with a fire resistance of two hours (Rf 2h). Ironically, until today that was technologically impossible: no cable had such a long fire resistance. Alsecure® Premium changes this. But of course Alsecure® Premium has a much broader applicability than just hospitals: all buildings where lots of people gather and where evacuation often proves complicated (e.g. cinemas, schools, shopping malls, office buildings, etc.) benefit of such a safety measure.

Easy to install
An added plus for installers is a quick and easy installation, enabled thanks to the INFIT™ technology. This technology combines the known toughness and rigidity of a traditional Pyrobelca, with strippability and easy installation. In the event of a fire, INFIT™ transforms the insulation from a flexible plastic covering to a tough insulating ceramic layer to assure circuit-integrity.
This new Alsecure® Premium range represents a considerable improvement, not only in terms of time saving and comfort, but also and above sets a new standard in terms of safety.

Visit us at ECL 2012
20 + 21 September 2012
Brussels Expo – Hall 9
Belgiëplein 1 - 1020 Brussels
Booth B001

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