Nexans introduces the halogen free cable that does strip easily: ALSECURE XGB Easy Strippable

ALSECURE XGB Cca Easy Strippable: Stripping in no time!

Alsecure XGB Easy Strippable

Halogen-free XGB cables have a bad reputation when it comes to stripping. The stiffness of the materials makes stripping very difficult. Do not despair any more, with ALSECURE XGB Cca Easy Strippable from Nexans you really strip up to 100 cm in no time.

Time loss due to halogen-free cables' rigid sheaths

If the sheath shows itself to be very stiff when stripping, the cold sweat breaks out because you know that you are going to lose a lot of time. As the sheath adheres strongly to the conductors, you can only strip short lengths at a time while you still have to proceed carefully. If you cut or scratch too deeply, you risk damaging the insulation, which is downright unsafe.

Halogen-free XGB cables were more often than not difficult to strip and the use of new materials when the CPR was introduced destroyed all the gains already made in this area. And so we put our engineers back to work as Enjoy your day at work remains the basis of our philosophy. We like to make things easy for you with easy-to-use products that save you time. Thorough research makes our XGB really Easy Strippable. Up to 1 meter at a time !

Stripping in no time with ALSECURE XGB Cca Easy Strippable

When you have to connect multiple ends of XGB, you want to work efficiently and quickly and not waste time with difficult-to-remove sheaths. We at Nexans understand that well. We have continued to develop the XGB Cca and now we present you the result: ALSECURE XGB Cca Easy Strippable that strips up to 100 cm at a time.

  • Cut into the sheath at the desired length, and that can be 60 cm or even 100 cm!
  • Bend the cable slightly on the cut
  • Remove the sheath over its entire length in no time
  • Done!

You don't believe it? See for your self!

Work efficiently and save time with ALSECURE XGB Cca Easy Strippable

  • You save time:
    With one simple cut in the sheath, you can remove the sheath in a single smooth motion over a length of up to 100 cm. You can immediately go to the next step in the installation.
  • You work safely:
    You don't have to cut the sheath repeatedly to get it loose, so you don't risk cutting into the insulation which is downright dangerous.
  • And you have no surprises during the inspection:
    With ALSECURE XGB Cca Easy Strippable from Nexans you can be sure of the right Cca-s1, d2, a1 fire performance.

Product range of the ALSECURE XGB Cca Easy Strippable

Easy Strippable immediately increases your return on investment on the cable types of which you install tens to thousands of kilometers per year and where you have many connection points to finish.

We applied Easy Strippable to all of these references:

    • Sections 1,5 and 2,5 mm² with 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 7 conductors in all packagings
    • Sections 1,5 and 2,5 mm² with 3 and 5 conducteurs on the MOBIWAY™ system
  • Nbox XGB Cca
    • Sections 1,5 and 2,5 mm² with 3 and 5 conducteurs in the Nbox