Nexans introduces MOBIWAY™

Discover a new and smart system to easily transport and unwind your drums!

MOBIWAY banner

Nexans presents MOBIWAY™, the new Nexans patented set of plastic drum and its associated unwinding system. Practical and handy, the MOBIWAY™ system makes it easy to transport and handle your drums for a stress-free and easier installation. Moreover, the MOBIWAY™ flange system is reusable !


Using MOBIWAY™ is really simple :


  • snap the MOBIWAY™ flanges onto the MOBIWAY™ drum & lock them into place
  • open the handles to easily carry the drum, by one or 2 people depending on the weight left on the drum
  • put the drum down and click the handles into the standing position
  • unwind the cable
  • when the drum is empty, simply unlock the MOBIWAY™ flanges and reuse them on a new MOBIWAY™ drum.

A complete MOBIWAY™ system consists of:

Cable on a compatible MOBIWAY™ drum


1 set of 2 snap-on MOBIWAY™ flanges

  • Thanks to convenient new lengths of 150, 200 or 300 m according to the cable section, you'll have fewer leftovers.
  • Easy to move thanks to the integrated handle.
  • Easy to store as the drums are stackable.
  • 100% recyclable.


Operating as multifunctional handles with

  • Carrying function: easy to carry by 1 or 2 people according to the weight.
  • Unwinding function: quiet, easy to position in the direction of the pulling of the cable.
  • 3 years warranty on the flanges



The MOBIWAY™ references

The MOBIWAY™ system is available for the runners in XVB Cca and XGB Cca in the hereunder mentioned sections and lengths:


  • MOBIWAY XVB 3G1,5 mm² - 300m
  • MOBIWAY XVB 3G2,5 mm² - 200m
  • MOBIWAY XVB 5G1,5 mm² - 200m
  • MOBIWAY XVB 5G2,5 mm² - 150m


  • MOBIWAY XGB 3G1,5 mm² - 300m
  • MOBIWAY XGB 3G2,5 mm² - 200m
  • MOBIWAY XGB 5G1,5 mm² - 200m
  • MOBIWAY XGB 5G2,5 mm² - 150m


Enjoy your day at work!