EASYCALC™ determines the right cable cross section

Designed for professionals - whether you're an electrician, installer or engineer - EASYCALC™ calculates the correct cable section in 4 simple and easy steps.


Step 1 – General electric data of the installation
Enter the basic information:

  • intensity (A) or power (kV.A or kW) you need
  • cable length (m)
  • voltage type: 230 or 400V, DC or AC and number of phases.

Options: EASYCALC™ takes into account a power factor (cosinus phi) of 0.8 and a voltage drop of 5%. If you have their exact value, you can change them.


Step 2 – Cable type

  • Select the cable type in the list with standard, halogen free and fire resistant cables
  • Select the construction: single or multicore, with or without green/yellow earthing cable, with or without neutral conductor, number of cables per phase.

Option: In case you selected a fire resistant cable, you have to specify the maximum portion of the cable that might be exposed to fire.


Step 3 – Laying conditions
Select the laying conditions in order for EASYCALC™ to take into account the right derating factors:

  • underground or in open air with the corresponding options

Options: EASYCALC™ takes into account the standard ambient temperature for the selected laying condition. If you have the exact value, you can change this.
EASYCALC™ can also take into account the proximity of other circuits in case of grouping of circuits.


Step 4 – View the result
The results screen returns:

  • the precise cable reference linking to the technical data sheet
  • the summary of the parameters entered
  • the details of the calculation

Advanced Option: EASYCALC™ calculates the short circuit intensity for a given duration.

You can print the results, save or e-mail the pdf with the results.


How exactly does EASYCALC™ calculate a cable section?

Determining the right cable section is essential to the correct and safe functioning of an electrical installation. Nexans EASYCALC™ therefore takes into account:

  • the dispositions of the Belgian General Regulations for Electrical Installations (GREI)
  • the Wiedemann-Franz method when it comes to calculating the section of fire resistant cables