2009 Annual report and Registration document

2009 Annual report

Annual report 2009 

The 2009 Annual Report is available in an interactive format.

Dedicated to all Nexans' stakeholders: clients, investors, shareholders, analysts, journalists, employees, etc... this document is available in French, English and in an interactive form.

As a "photography" of the Group in 2009, it's an unmissable tool for people involved in Nexans' life. The Annual report allows you to know all the Group's results and commitments. This year, a special place was given to our actions related to Sustainable Development.

With the interactive version of the Annual report, you can flick through it, one page after another, search key-words and select the pages that you want to print.

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  Download the complete 2009 Annual Report (PDF 10 MB)  

2009 Registration document

Registration document 2009

The 2009 Registration Document was filed with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) on April 8th 2010. It is available in French, English and in an interactive form

This document includes in particular the full-year financial statements, the Chairman's report on the corporate governance and internal control procedures, the auditors' reports, information about Nexans SA, the Group and the 2010 Annual Shareholder’s Meeting

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 Download the complete Registration document 2009 (PDF 4 MB)