Nexans EUROMOLD - TRUST is the most POWERFUL


Without a permanent research for Quality, EUROMOLD wouldn't have customers' trust in our products, which helps us being one of the leaders in the power accessories market.

For 50 years,

  • Your trust is our most powerful source of positive energy. When you unbox one of our products and see the level of perfection it holds, you see a reflection of the hard work the Nexans EUROMOLD’s teams have done to make sure that its quality guarantees a very high level of reliability.
  • We test and retest. We check and double check all EUROMOLD products, not only during their development but also in different conditions and before they leave, to make sure that we always deliver high-quality products.
  • We deliver accessories usable for decades. EUROMOLD product life duration can go up to 50 years (if correctly installed), most of our connectors being recognized as world references in terms of quality and technicity.
  • You can contact our teams. EUROMOLD customers quickly get accurate information on any question or problem and know that they can trust upon the technical knowledge of Nexans EUROLMOLD to get a solution that perfectly fits the circumstances.


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