Find the right CPR cable with the CPR converter

Towards a smoother CPR transition thanks to CPR Converter

The Construction Products Regulation and the obligations it entails has indeed led manufacturers to develop new products and therefore to introduce new product codes. In order to facilitate our customers' daily lives, the CPR converter has been set up: the tool consists of a search engine allowing customers to find the new product references through the ones they know.
The CPR converter would then allow you to to find the alternative CPR ref based on an existing product reference . The tool will therefore allow a smooth transition to the new codes.
The converter comes in addition to the Nexans Tracker™ that allows customers to find regulatory documents on our website, and more specifically the DoP (Declaration of Performance) related to CPR.

The CPR Converter aims at facilitating the transition towards new CPR certified products. The CPR Converter is available on the e-catalogue pages and in the Nexans' app and as a separate option within the Nexans Tracker™.

Nexans' APP:

The Nexans' APP clearly states whether there's a CPR alternative:

CPR Converter_app_1


Tap the button "CPR alternative ref." to hop to the product information of the CPR alternative reference.

CPR Converter_app_2


If a CPR alternative exists, it is mentioned under the existing Nexans reference.

CPR Converter_e-cat_1

Tap this CPR alternative reference to hop to the datasheet of the CPR alternative:
CPR Converter_e-cat_2
Nexans Tracker™

CPR Converter_tracker

CPR Converter_tracker_2