Nexans helps you managing the changes of the CPR

We make your life a little bit easier

Nexans supports the implementation of the CPR and helps specifiers, installers and wholesalers to meet this new regulation.

CE mark buttonNew generation of cables

To meet the CPR, Nexans develops a new generation of cables according to the new European fire performance levels that offer more safety in case of fire.
These CE marked cables with their associated DoP will be phased in gradually.

To help you finding the right CPR alternative for the cable references you know, Nexans has put in place its CPR Converter.


In order to facilitate your work (and as paper documents may get lost during logistics operations), Nexans has developed the Nexans Tracker, our online tool allowing quick and easy consultation and download of our DoPs.

CPR folder FRMain points of the CPR in Belgium in an informative folder

In this informative folder we briefly explain the impact of the introduction of the CPR on the Belgian market. Available in French and Dutch.

CPR brochure FRIntroduction to the Belgian legislation on fire safety

Introduction to article 104 of the GREI and the CPR. Available in French and Dutch only.