Implementation of the CPR in Belgium

The CPR merely harmonises the description of the performances. Any decision on which Class to adopt for a particular application is a National matter and remains the prerogative of the national regulators.

This means that the GREI and in particular Article 104 remains in full force and effect, but that it must be adapted to the CPR terminology. The formal integration in Article 104 of the GREI must be done with a Royal Decree.

In view of the amendment of Article 104 of the GREI, the FPS Economy has issued on September 7th 2016 an Note informelle and on September 9th 2016 Note 74 for the accredited bodies in order to procure them guidelines for the inspection of electrical installations with CPR compliant cables.

Fire reaction classes according to GREI Article 104 Fire reaction classes according to EN50575:2014/A1:2016
Table of correspondance of Note 74
Fire propagation F1 Eca or a fire reaction class higher than Eca
F2 Cca or a fire reaction class higher than Cca
Halogen free SA a1
SD  s1

Note 74 further states that insofar as the electrical conduits with reaction to fire classes F1, F2, SA and/or SD have been placed on the market before July 1st 2017, their use may continue unrestricted.


With the publication of the new, revised General Regulation on Electrical Installations on 28 October 2019, the CPR is now definitively integrated into Belgian legislation and Note 74 expires. More on the new GREI here.