Declaration of Performance

Once the AVCP has been performed and based on the results obtained, the manufacturer draws up the Declaration of Performance or DoP. The DoP proves that the product complies with the performance set for a specific application at the time it is placed on the market and during further distribution. With de DoP, the manufacturer takes responsibility for the performance of his product for its intended use.

dop buttonThe DoP must contain the following obligatory items:

  • Identification of the product type
  • Intended use
  • Identification of the manufacturer + address + contact details
  • System of AVCP applied
  • Identification number of the Notified Body that has performed the tasks within the AVCP, if relevant 
  • Declared performance against the relevant harmonised standard
  • Signature for and on behalf of the manufacturer

Click here to see an exemple of an actual DoP.

The DoP has to be issued with each product and is a key element for the traceability. In order to make these documents freely accesible to its customers and end users, Nexans makes them available on its website, through the dedicated tool NEXANS TRACKER™.