Assessment and Verification of the Constancy of Production

To ensure that a manufacturer puts a CPR-compliant construction product on the market and continues to do so, he must under the CPR apply a rigourous quality process: this is the AVCP or Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance.
The CPR provides various systems where the rule of thumb is: the better the performance (the higher the Euroclass), the stricter the requirements for the manufacturer.
For cables 3 AVCP systems have been retained: System 1+, System 3 and System 4. Systems 1+ and 3 impose the implication of  a 3rd party control by the so-called "Notified Body".

Euroclass AVCP

AVCP systems per Euroclass

Aca System 1+
Dca System 3
Fca System 4

The performed AVCP system and the implied notified body must obligatory be mentioned on the DoP.