How does the CPR impact you?

Two possibilities


a/ You're a distributor/wholesaler

Then you have some obligations under the CPR:

  • You must verify that the products you sell comply with the CPR: are they CE-marked correctly and does the regulatory information accompany them?
  • You play a key role in the traceability in the supply chain and must know which specific product you have sold to which customer.


b/ You're an installer

  • You just keep working according to the prescriptions of Article 104 of the RGIE/AREI.
    The RGIE/AREI will integrate the CPR language and will then in a given installation situation for instance specify Euroclass Eca instead of F1.
  • There are no new cable types.
    To reach the testing tresholds of the new fire performance classification, the composition of the existing cables was upgraded, but no new cable types were designed. An XVB will remain an XVB.

And what about your stocks of "old", non-compliant cables?

As far as they were bought before the 1st of July 2017, distributors may continue to sell them and installers to use them.
However, when the new AREI/RGIE (General Regulations on Electrical Installations) comes into force on June 1st, 2020, only CPR compliant cables will be legal. Read more on the New AREI/RGIE.