Fire retardant or fire resistant Medium-voltage power and feeder cables

  • In  Metro projects, more and more MV feeder cables are now requested with improved Fire Retardancy (Acc. To IEC 60332-3-22 Cat A or B) or even with some guarantees of service continuity during fire, thus based upon IEC 60331, but with application of the operation voltage.

Nexans has supplied fire resisting MV cables for the subways of Amsterdam and Budapest. Technologies based upon mica protection tapes or silicon insulation can apply, depending upon precise electrical and environmental requirements.

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Distribution - Underground MV (>1...36kV)
Energy infrastructures

From humble beginnings, power distribution systems have grown increasingly complex: Edison's 1882 station in New York City served six square miles, while today's networks cover entire cities and regions, providing the tools and conveniences of modern life.

Medium and low-voltage cables (1kV to 36kV) are used in the basic distribution network that brings power from high-voltage substations to cities and remote areas. To provide this needed power for change, Nexans has been leading the way in new materials and designs for distribution cables and networks. We also master installation techniques in some of the toughest environments imaginable, including submarine, aerial and dense urban conditions.