Training organisation

All of the proposed training modules include theoretical and practical sections.

Theory (1/2 day)

Content: explanation of electrical phenomena, tools, safety, cables and accessories.

Objective: passing on the technical knowledge required for this profession.

Media used: theory lesson file, samples of cables and accessories aimed at illustrating the training, participative vocational training. Participation facilitates understanding and assimilation.

Practice (at least 1/2 day - depending on the choice of the accessories)

Content: correct implementation of the accessories aimed at the different types of cables used on the Belgian market.

Objective: passing on technical knowledge

Media: presentation of the assembly steps, assembly manuals and check list (issued to the candidate after completion of the training programme)


Guarantee maximum security on site to reduce number of incidents

Target group

Training hours
From 8.00 until 12.00 and from 12.30 until 16.30
Total duration: 8 hours

The training falls within paid educational leave.

Nexans Benelux NV
Heideveld 12
1654 Huizingen


A certificate will be issued after successful completion of the training programme, valid for two years.

The candidate who succeeds will get:

  • a badge valid for two years, only for the accessories for which the candidate was trained
  • personal qualification (sent by mail)
  • tools: Nexans pruning knife and a check-list for the work site