Training Center: concepts and deliverables

Our trainings

In order to suit your needs, we have opted for training programmes organised in modules. You choose the modules you would like to be trained on. All of the proposed training modules include theoretical and practical sections.

  • The theoretical section aims at passing on the technical knowledge required for the profession of an installer (understanding electrical phenomena, manuals, safety, tools, etc.).
    This also involves making the installer aware of the environment in which he/she is operating and the risks connected to this activity. Indeed, the training programme emphasizes an overall understanding of the working environment.
  • The practical section continues from and complements the theory. Based on manuals and drawings, the installer must install the accessory. This scenario aims at passing on the technical skills required for this activity.

Theoretical and practical assessments are performed at the end of the training programme and will lead to a certificate being issued, valid for two years.

In practice
These training programmes will be conducted in Dutch and French on our Buizingen site.
The training programmes can be conducted on the premises of your choice, with prior approval from ourselves.

A value enhancing training programme 

  • Warranty
    The use of good practices reduces the risk of poor workmanship, and therefore the risk of litigation. You will also benefit from a strengthened position with regard to your insurance agency.
  • Reliability
    Regular training for installers implies up-to-date information with regard to the technical developments of installation products or techniques. This technical mastery represents a sizeable argument, which must be emphasized for each project.
  • Follow-up
    Our expertise is at your service. If you have taken a training programme and should you encounter some technical issues, you can contact your instructor to advise you.
  • Productivity
    Increased efficiency and speed on the work site via improved knowledge of the products and tools, which also implies a reduction in the risk of accidental bodily injury.

Skills acquired after completion of the training programme


Knowledge :

  • Knowledge of the products, their composition and their function
  • Knowledge regarding electrical phenomena, and thus the risks connected to this activity 


Know-how ( skills)

  • Mastery of installation techniques (junction making, terminal preparation)
  • Choice and use of appropriate tools
  • Compliance with constructor manuals and instructions


Conduct (Accountablility) 

  • Improved understanding of the working environment and thus organised work better suited to the relevant restraints
  • Accountability via the best possible respect of the risks connected to electrical phenomena