Training Center: presentation and objectives

The challenges of Nexans Medium Voltage Training Center

The development of the electrical distribution networks provides significant room for the development of underground networks. Within this context, the reliability of accessories, and more particularly their implementation has become one of the decisive factors of network quality.
Indeed, experience feedback proves that accessory implementation defects are the cause for more than a third of all failures.

The main market role-players (insurance agencies, experts, network administrators) are perfectly aware of the dangers and risks involved in electrical installations. The reliability and safety of the networks are therefore their main priorities.

It is with this in mind that Nexans is becoming involved in setting up a Medium Voltage Training Center. The Medium Voltage Training Center aims at training the installers operating on medium voltage underground cable networks in Belgium. This involves strengthening their technical skills and passing on all knowledge, know-how and best behaviour in order to guarantee maximum safety on a work site.

Our objectives

  • Ensuring installation reliability and durability
    • Quality of installations on networks (ISO certified)
    • Installer professionalism
  • Reducing the number of incidents