Overhead lines

Power Overhead lines

  • Aluminum conductor, steel or composite reinforced, all aluminum alloy conductors, and other overhead conductors.
  • New thermo-resistant conductors operate up to 220°C without increasing sag, and reducing tension on towers.
  • Nexans has also developed a new generation of insulated aerial lines.

Nexans provides an increasing number of power utilities worldwide with high temperature HV conductors, which allow higher transmission capacities compared to traditional conductors. Also, to prevent the theft of electricity in Argentina and Brazil, Nexans designed a concentric “anti-robbery” cable which has allowed power utilities to recoup 15% of lost output.

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Transmission - Overhead Lines (>36kV)
Energy infrastructures

Bare overhead lines come in several types according to structure and  composition. All must strike a balance between mechanical resistance (strength)  and electrical resistance (conductivity).  
Aluminum conductors steel reinforced (ACSR) offer high strength and  allow high voltages in large span runs. Corrosion-free all aluminum alloy conductors (AAAC) are ideal for severe conditions. 

New technologies such as AERO-Z® allow for an equal diameter, a greater useful cross-sectional area, and therefore an increased  transport capacity; or for a smaller diameter, almost the same  transport capacity.

Nexans bare overhead conductors offer:

  • Low corrosion
  • Various alloys adapted to each country's norms
  • High transmission capacity for dense grids