HV underground and submarine cables


  • XLPE cables are rapidly replacing fluid filled cables

For the Ormen Lange (“Long Serpent”) field, Nexans is delivering the world’s first 420 kV XLPE submarine cable to replace fluid–filled cables.

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Transmission - Land HV >36kV
Energy infrastructures

Installing cable underground presents a different challenge than laying it along the sea bottom. On land, remoteness, tough terrain and severe climactic conditions are critical factors. To install XLPE or paper-insulated cables we have the tools and the experience for the most isolated job.
Transport is a major challenge in itself, and we often design special loading and unloading equipment. Installation in remote areas also requires complex logistics for housing, feeding and provisioning a team on the move.
Special reels and drums have been developed for easy delivery, and we are used to handle exceptionally long lengths of cables and are experts in pulling operations. In dense urban areas, where overhead lines are an impossibility, we have developed new designs and constructions to overcome the constraints of space and meet strict safety requirements. For example, we have develope...