Communication cables and components

Optical fiber cables  Optical fiber cables

  • To serve complex signalling and telecommunications for train control, Nexans has developed MANs and LANs optical fiber cables 
  • Nexans is also an expert in GSM-R technology.
  • To meet the security concerns of tunnels and urban metro systems, we produce metal-armored and all-dielectric optical fiber cables.
  • Increasingly, cost-efficient, compact micro cables are being used in dense subway networks


Lisbon's intermodal Gare do Oriente uses Nexans optical-fiber-based LANs to coordinate rail, subway and surface transit, while an all-dielectric cable is used in the London Underground. Recent successes include the ongoing RATP contract (Paris), light rail for the Algierssuburbs, the Caracas subway, and tramways worldwide.

Copper long distance communications cables Fiber access routing technology

  • From multi-pair telephone, radioflex and data cables to sophisticated hybrid copper/fiber
  • Applications :  train control, control-to-control, voice transmissions for internal telephony or loudspeaker information, video transmission, ticketing machines networking, etc.

For the London Underground, Nexans has outfitted emergency signal post telephones along the line to provide communications backup for subway drivers.

Product leaflet : Fiber access routing components

Optical fiber components   ODFs and Closures

  • Nexans’ splicing modules and jointing sleeves optimize fiber routing, thus guaranteeing network integrity. They are easily implemented as an end-to-end solution in distribution frames, splicing closures and access points.
  • Our modular Optical Distribution Frames provide a complete architecture for main exchange nodes or point-of-presence applications. Splice protection closures are used along the line or at access points to the local loop.

Nexans has provided special jointing sleeves for many urban rail projects in Europe. Robust closures can handle repeated re-entries and accept a fiber-copper mix.
On top of this Nexans can adapt several types of splicing and distribution modules to cover all possible OF installations, including wall mounts or underground chambers while offering water-tightness and superior fire performance.

Radiating cables Radiating cables

  • These perforated coaxial cables act like antennas in confined environments, like tunnels or subway stations, where conventional antennas cannot operate.
  • They are extremely important for radio-based technologies.

Nexans provided integral cabling for the 35 kilometer Lötschberg railway tunnel in Switzerland, the longest land tunnel in the world. Along with energy and optical fiber links, radiating cables assure full GSM-R operability. Nexans has also been supplying radiating cables to the London Underground for many years.


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