CE marking

All construction products for which the manufacturer has drawn up a Declaration of Performance (DoP) under the CPR, must be CE marked. When the DoP has not been drawn up, the CE marking musn't be affixed. By affixing the CE marking, the manufacturer indicates he takes responsibility for the conformity of the product with all applicable requirements. Thus, when the manufacturer affixes the CE marking under the CPR, he implicitly indicates that his product als complies with other relevant EU regulations such as, but not limited to, the Low Voltage Directive, with a mandatory CE marking.

CE mark buttonLike the DoP, the CE marking is composed of mandatory elements:

  • Manufacturer Identification + address + contact details
  • Unique Identification number of the product
  • CE logo
  • Year of first certification (this does NOT indicate the year of production)
  • Declared level of performance
  • Applicable harmonised standard + year 
  • Numéro d'identification de l'organisme notifié
  • Numéro de référence unique de la DoP
  • Usage prévu, tel qu'indiqué dans la norme harmonisé